How To Choose Tiles For Bathroom?

Designing a bathroom is an important and expensive task. It is necessary to select the right type of tiles and bathroom fittings to make the bathroom the perfect one for your need. Some guidelines for selecting tiles for your bathroom is given below.

Different types of tiles with different colors and sizes are available in the market. It is necessary to have an idea about the style you want in your bathroom. You can use natural tiles or you can select a particular theme to design your bathroom. You can give floral theme, aqua theme, forest theme etc. according to the design of your home. You can bring the antique look or the most modern look to your bathroom through proper planning.

bathroomOnce you decide the style or theme for your bathroom design, you can select the appropriate tiles for your bathroom. There are tiles made of different materials available to decorate your bathroom. The important types are the ceramic tiles, wooden tiles with waterproof coatings, vitrified tiles, pebble tiles etc. You can use the tiles only on the floor or you can use it on the walls of the bathroom as well.

Consider the area to be covered with tiles and your budget before finalizing the tiles for the bathroom. According to the size of the bathroom you can choose the color of the tiles. For small bathroom areas it is better to use tiles with lighter shades. It will make your bathroom appear bigger. For large bathrooms you can use dark shaded tiles. It is better to use tiles which are seamless if you want to improve the aesthetic appearance of the tiled bathroom floor or wall. Glazed ceramic tiles have longer life as the coating prevents absorption of water by tiles. If you want to bring a natural look to your bathroom you can use the pebble tiles.

If you have small kids in your home, you can use the tiles with the pictures of cartoon characters in their bathroom. If you are designing the bathroom of elderly people consider using anti-skid tiles. Always select tiles from reputed manufacturers. Buying in bulk will help you to get the required tiles at a reduced rate.