The Evolution Of Social Media

Social-MediaMost of us have mastered the art of using Facebook as well as LinkedIn, Twitter and now Google+. A few years before, many of the marketing experts and online promoters were emphasizing on the social media influence on internet users. There are definitely ways by which one has seen evolutionary growth in business and society by using the social media networks.

The beginning of the social networking environment on the internet was started by Friendster and MySpace. Since then a lot of services have changed and evolution has come about in the social media platform which provide a lot of options for all customers.

It was yesterday news when small businesses and companies who tried to promote their products and services through the online world were frowned upon. Today people are actively using the promotional tools offered by Twitter, Facebook and other social networking platforms to increase social engagement.

Today there are third party websites that are created in order to consolidate the tags, the tweets and the texts that are massaged. It is obvious that people need to gather all the information on a single platform from the different social media sites. The programs like or Nimble help one to look up all individual profiles on the different sites and consolidate the contacts on one platform. Due to these platforms it is easy to make one’s own website and increase followers or fans or organize self promotion activities.

Today many users have the opportunity to visit enterprise software and create personalized forums or even an app for themselves. With such development social media users are realizing how powerful they can be. When big companies are using social media sites to create a difference, small business and individual bloggers are also able to make changes on their own. A blogger can get targeted audiences to their blog posts on any niche topic and find success online through their social media marketing efforts.