Running Lean: Moving From Plan A To A Plan That Works

You need to create an environment for great things to happen. It is surely a daunting challenge to create an environment for creative thinking and innovation. How are you to foster such an environment for your company? The answer is a change from the past trends: gamestorming.

Today we live in an unparalleled world of opportunities for innovation. Most people are developing more products than before but there are more efforts that fail as we often cannot complete what we set out to build and we waste time, money and effort in the process of going about building the wrong products. We need a systematic process that will allow new product ideas to come forth and will raise the odds of success of a new venture. That is what is promised by Running Lean.

In the so named motivating book, Ash Maurya takes up a strategy to achieve a product or market fit for any fledgling venture which is based on his own experiences in developing a wide range of products that are no tech to high tech. He builds upon the different ideas and concepts of different methods of innovating that include bootstrapping, Customer Development, Lean Startup and others.

Running Lean can act as an ideal tool for the business managers, small business owners, CEOs, programmers and developers or anyone interested in building a business project.

You need to find a problem that is worth solving and then define the solution

  • Customers need to be engaged in the development cycle
  • The products need to be tested in faster and smaller iterations
  • The customer response needs to be measured against every feature and the ideas need to be verified or refuted
  • Know when you need to change your course of action
  • Increase the efforts of learning and focusing
  • Know when would be the ideal time to start the big round of funding

"If you are starting a company, or want to adopt the Lean Startup approach, Running Lean is a must read." - Brad Feld, Managing Director, Foundary Group.